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Aug 24, 2018

Why "Reset On Timeout" is Disabled in tcp-mobile-optimized?

Hello friends!


We are trying to understand the rationale for disabling "Reset On Timeout" in the tcp-mobile-optimized, we find this choice counter-intuitive.


Why would we opt to silently delete the tcp connection and not send a RST to attempt to gracefully shut it down on the client side?


any thoughts?




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  • Hi,


    it is for optimization aspects (why only for mobility I can not answer you, but in a global way), with Reset on Timeout disabled, the BIG-IP LTM quietly removes the connection entry and neither the client nor the server is aware that the communication channel has timed out.


    When the client or server begins communicating again, the Loose Initiation setting allows the BIG-IP LTM system to re-add the connection to the connection table, and the newly-arrived packets are forwarded, as expected.


    This setting prevents the BIG-IP LTM system from sending resets when closing an idle connection, it also reduces the need to use long idle timeouts for long-lived TCP connections, which may go idle for extended periods of time.


    You can find interessant information here: