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Aug 10, 2011

What is most efficient way to setup http profile with ram cache

Having not used the ram cache feature at my previous position. I want to setup a simple ram cache to take some of the load off the web serve for images and some static items. I've search around the forum and have seen you can utilize the http profile along with an irule. But then also see that just using the ram cache is enough.


I would think it would be simple to list the standard images, ie .jpeg, .jpg, png etc.


Has anyone done any testing with a http profile and verified it is working and what were the results.


Sort of looking for an example and wondering what most people do.



Thanks for any info.


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  • This post might also be helpful...





  • I really, really appreciate the link. It totally cleared it up for me.


    The irule they listed showed me actally what to do for and worked great to gather info.



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    Awesome, glad to hear it. I actually forgot we had that doc out there. That's a good one to have on hand for people with URI troubles. ;)