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Jul 18, 2011

using LTM VE as Firewall

hi I want to ask, is there any way to use LTM VE as Firewall? or if it cannot how to make BIG-IP as firewall?


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    OK. Assuming the webserver is on a directly attached network, then a forwarding VS would work...



    You could have a look at the ProxyPass iRules (There's 2 versions. One for v9 and one for v10) for an example of processing HTML in the way you'd like to do. (Although it will need a fair bit of alteration, use it as an example of what you can do, as it's a reverse proxy). Also look at all the HTTP iRules... In content manipulation etc. There's also iRUles for serving sites from datagroups etc...



    If you have too many problems, it may be worthwhile hiring a contractor to do some of the work for you.