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Aug 14, 2015

Use REST iControl to upload bundle of key AND cert?

Hi all,


I am currently automatizing our management in our software. I can successfully add certs, keys or bundles consisting of certs. But I would like to upload a bundle consisting of a key and a cert. Bigip only recognizes the private key in the pem tough. Any ideas?


Used URL is tm/sys/crypto ofcourse.


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  • I guess your cert/key bundle is in pkcs12 format? I'd try uploading the bundle (I understood this part is already working) and then use the openssl command line tool on the bigIP to split the bundle into separate key and cert files in pem format. Proper command line for that would be

    openssl pkcs12 -clcerts -nokeys -in bundle.p12 -out cert.crt
    openssl pkcs12 -nocerts -nodes -in bundle.p12 -out cert.key

    Attention: this will produce an unencrypted private key file.

    You can try to automate this by executing openssl as an external command through REST, but this might rise some problems with password protected bundles.