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Sep 06, 2016

unable to deactivate asm policies after upgrade to 12.1.1

our staging environment was recently upgraded to 12.1.1, and we have encountered one annoying issue. When trying to create an iapp, it turned out the template(sharepoint) wasnt updated to reflect the changes made to BigIP, so we got some errors relating to the inability to create LTM policies in Drafts.


The template issue itself have been issued, but when i go to Security - Policies, there are 2 asm policies there relating to the botched attempts at trying to create the iapps. However, im unable to simply Deactivate them, as that option is greyed out. nor can i reconfigure them, or even attach them to a vs, as they are not in /Common. They are listed as being in no partition at all.


is there any way to delete these policies, either from webui or from cli?


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  • look at 602854-8 : Missing ASM control option from LTM policy rule screen in the Configuration utility.


    TMSH has worked for me as a workaround