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May 24, 2022

Syntax Error: unexpected argument "rm" using SSH


I'm struggling with this and will be happy for some help. I'm trying to send this command to a remote BigIP device:

ssh <username>@<device_ip> 'rm -v -f <remote_directory<remote_file>'

And receive the following error: 'Syntax Error: unexpected argument "rm" '

I verified that the username and device IP are valid (no special characters or anything like that). I would mention that other commands that are sent in ssh succeed, such as:

ssh netstat -nr

What can be the issue?

Thanks a lot for the help 🙂

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  • Im2This could be associated directly to the OS that F5 uses for the devices because I am receiving the same error on my F5 devices but not other Linux/Unix based OSs from the same source device.