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Jul 09, 2013

SubTables Read and Write

I've seen an example of how an iRule can create/read/write/delete a table or subtable but I can't find a way to do it via the API?


I'm probally not looking close enough, any assistance would be appreciated




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  • Subtables are part of our real-time data plane subsystem. iRules are our scripting system you can use in the middle of connections (data plane). iControl is for the control plane (configuration, statistics, etc). Currently there is not a bridge from our data plane in-memory tables to the control plane for access with iControl.


    Depending on your usage scenario, there are ways to get at the data in tables and subtables from outside of iRules though. I wrote an article a while back about using iRules to build a web front-end on top of tables and subtables. You can't access it though iControl directly, but you could build a curl-client to do it. The article is here:


    You could also look at using data classes which you can read-write from iControl and read from with iRules. Or you could use a more limited Stats profile to read/write from both.


    Hope this helps...