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Dec 18, 2020

Space in /var on physical device

I have been trying to run a BIGIP upgrade and keep getting stuck at the final part of the install where it checks for space in /var. This seems to be when the config has been put into a ucs and it wants to extract it. We have symlinked /var/local/ucs to a different location but it still fails as it seems to check just /var. We have removed everything possible but cannot get it to a point where there is enough space to work.


What solutions is there for this problem on a physical device? As I understand it you can only resize /var on a VE.


Thanks in advance

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  • Can you run this and see the top files of /var,

    find /var/ -xdev -type f -exec du {} \; | sort -rn | head -10 

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      [root@DEVICE:Standby:In Sync] / # find /var/ -xdev -type f -exec du {} \; | sort -rn | head -10

      54000   /var/ts/var/install/ts_db.save_dir_10714.cstmp/

      38436   /var/lib/rpm/Packages

      32912   /var/apm/www/webtop/public/download/linux_policyserver.tar

      30836   /var/local/pem/dtos/tacdb.bin

      27992   /var/db/mcpdb.bin

      27144   /var/apm/www/webtop/public/download/linux_oesisInspector.tar

      20248   /var/apm/www/webtop/public/download/mac_policyserver.tar

      16520   /var/apm/www/webtop/public/download/mac_oesisInspector.tar

      16156   /var/lib/hsqldb/live-update/liveupdatedb.log

      11136   /var/ts/var/sync/sync_1608564863_a8187e97ae17ce3321f97c3c57a2f7b1_full_update


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        Thanks for the additional response. I've double checked the files and the ASM one is only 53mb

        ls -lh /var/ts/var/install/ts_db.save_dir_10714.cstmp/

        -rw-r--r--. 1 root root 53M Jul 10 04:18 /var/ts/var/install/ts_db.save_dir_10714.cstmp/


        I will take a look through the UCS file as tathat could shed some light on to why we're struggling


        Thanks again.