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Re: How to tell nginx to use a forward proxy to reach a specific destination

pepito - your replies were caught in our SPAM system over our weekend. I released them all.
If one of these is best/most complete follow up then you can (or I can) delete the others as duplicates. 
Sorry about the hassle.

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    Hello Lief, thank you for your answer.

    I can edit some of my replies to add "duplicated reply to be removed", but for some other replies, I don't have the choice "Edit reply" unfortunately.

    You can delete all of my replies except the one from 04-Nov-2022 16:38.

    Best regards

    • Thanks pepito - I think I've got it all sorted out. Thanks for your patience and for contributing to our community.

      (Note: The reason you could edit some replies and not others is because there is a time-limit on editing Questions and Replies in our forum. I think the cutoff is 24 calendar hours. This is a feature designed to protect the integrity of a question so MemberA does not edit a question several days after it has been answered in a way that then invalidates any answers.)