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Mar 19, 2024

Question regarding K22301343, extend /var/ folder after upgrade..

Hi all!


We´ve been looking to extend the space of /var/ as it´s causing all types of problems for us when it´s gets full (which happens all the the time).

So I´ve been reading and found this article,


We´re doing an upgrade at the same this so does anyone know if the /var/ needs to have been extended previously before doing this??



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  • In Classic BIG-IP, the /shared/ (/tmp) mount is shared between boot locations, so it's always mounted in the same place before and after upgrades or switchboot. This TMI_VOLUME_FIX_VAR_MIB parameter specifies the size that TMOS should use when creating any *new* disk layout (a new layout is created when installing any image to another partition). The size of the current partition's /var/ mount is not relevant.

    Importantly, this parameter overrides the default setting in the upgrade ISO, so if a newer version has a bigger default /var/ than your TMI_VOLUME_FIX_VAR_MIB setting, your custom config takes precedence.