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Aug 22, 2023

Persistent cookie value changing on each reload of page

I have cookie persistence set up using the HTTP Cookie Insert method, and I can see the cookie in the browser. However, what I'm wondering is that on each reload of a page, is it expected that the cookie value stay the same? Currently on each reload of the page the cookie value changes, which has me questioning if it is actually working. Thanks for any help!

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  • Hi n8all3n , 
    Please check your Cookie Persistence profile : 

    open ( Local traffic >> Profiles >> Persistence >> then select your cookie profile). 
    you will find this Feature " Always Send Cookie " , most properly you enable it and this make bigip update the persistence cookie with each response , so disable or remove this check box , delete all connections for this Virtual server , then test it. 
    After that bigip should send only one persistence cookie with the first response and use it each time for persistece. 

    For more info , Review this , specially " Always Send Cookie " Part.