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Mar 18, 2011

Network destination for virtual server

Hello World,



I have to make VS to listen on a network, but seems to be impossible. Only host type is available? Tried to do that via bigpipe but it seems to be the same. Is there a workaround or a tip to do that?








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  • Hi NQ,

    How about something like this?

    root@ve1(Active)(tmos.ltm.virtual) create network_vs destination mask
    root@ve1(Active)(tmos.ltm.virtual) list network_vs
    ltm virtual network_vs {
        profiles {
            fastL4 { }
        translate-address disabled
        translate-port disabled

    I didn't specify a pool, but that should be a simple addition to the command.

  • Hi hoolio,



    Yep, I found the solution last week. You're right, i passed time to know that i have to use 0 instead of * for wildcard port and for the attribute mask.




    tmsh::create ltm virtual vip-forwarding destination ip-forward vlans add "{vlan-virt}"




    It works, thks.


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    The keyword "any" also works



    create ltm virtual wildcard_vip destination any:any