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Nov 03, 2011

mobile devices restriction

Dear All:



Any one help me out. I have a APM and wants to have access to internal resources only through a specific mobile device and users cant able to access the resource through APM from any other personal mobile device. Kindly suggest if any one having solution for this.






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  • You would place a check in your access policy for user agent string check. Based off the check, allow logon or deny.
  • Hi thanks, But is the user agent strings can also be work for activesync ?
  • Did not tested it but it should be the same.


    See this MS blog which also highlight that useragent is used (near the end of the article, there is mention of the various Mobile OS)





    MS EAS request also has (on top of useragent field) other OS type which may be useful


  • The user agent can't be used for activesync in 2010. You'll have to do that on the exchange side.