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Jun 21, 2021

Migration to AS3

We have a system with many partitions that has been managed with the BigIP UI. We are considering migrating it to AS3, in order to benefit from the declarative automation.

When AS3 is enabled, will it affect all partitions so we won't be able to manage them from the web UI? My understanding is that the AS3 will become the source of truth and all changes will need to be done through the AS3 declarations.


Is there a way to enable AS3 only in specific partitions, so we can migrate the system in steps?



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  • Or does AS3 only enables a new interface for configuration, and as we send AS3 declarations they become the source of truth. In other words, the F5 will still allow us to make changes in the UI, but the next time the AS3 declaration is sent, any changes are reverted.


  • Hey LeoChen,  bit late to this post but we use AS3 at work and you can still use the web ui..   On Vips you've created using AS3 you can still modify them but they will be overwritten when you do your next push / or patch with the code in your declaration..If you do a pull of the VIP modified via Gui you can retrieve the changes and merge the code and perform either a patch or push of the new AS3 code.  AS3 will only modify the VIPs you specify..   So you can safely have them cooexist without issue. .