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Apr 26, 2023

MCP logging to remote server

I've been trying to set the MCP logging which we are required to have at debug level to a remote server. Is this possible? When i set up the remote logging for the virtual servers i had to go into each of them and point to the publisher, i don't see anyway to do that for default type logs (audit, secure, messages etc.)

any help would be greatly appreciated.


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  • I've tried the K56602501 instructions but get nothing, i've got to be missing something.

    1.     modify syslog {
              auth-priv-from notice
              auth-priv-to emerg
              cron-from warning
              cron-to emerg
              daemon-from notice
              daemon-to emerg
              description none
              include none
              iso-date disabled
              kern-from notice
              kern-to emerg
              mail-from notice
              mail-to emerg
              messages-from notice
              messages-to warning
              remote-servers none
              user-log-from notice
              user-log-to emerg

    2.  Replace the include none line with the desired syslog filter. For example, to configure syslog-ng to log warning through emergency log level messages to UDP port 514 on destination hosts and, use the following syntax:

          include "
              filter f_audit{
              destination d_syslog_server {
                      udp(\"\" port (514));
                      udp(\"\" port (514));
              log {
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