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Nov 10, 2019

ltm-per-vlan-default-gateways - Inbound Traffic Question



Firstly I don't want to use route domain. Someone on Devcentral stated how to have a different default gateway for a VLAN. I have 10 VLANs behind the firewall to have them communicate with each other I need to have them go to the firewall for security reasons. To do this I have used the document below. Created a virtual server enabled it on vlan with the gateway pool. This works fine. Now how do I get traffic initiated from the north (above the firewall) to be routed to correct VLAN on F5? If I create Forwarding VS and have the two VLANS there it might break the inbound traffic to other vlans

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  • perhaps im missing something, but in principle a IP forward virtual server for the destination subnet, listening on the external interface should work and not really cause issues in my opinion.