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Dec 11, 2018

Logging Node Server for BIGIQ ASM Event Logs

Hi Everyone,


We are using BIGIP 7000s (version as BIGIQ Centralized Management. We were successful in importing the BIGIP Configurations to the BIGIQ, but client wants to see also the event logs from the ASM. Upon checking some KB, it seems that I will be needing to configure a Logging Node Server. Here are my questions:


  1. What are the minimum specs for a logging node server. i found this article indicating the specs.


  1. if we will install it in a vmware, where can i download the ova for the logging node or i can use the OVA for the BIGIQ itself


  2. for the license, it was said that we can use the original base registration key, when licensing, there are only two options (BIGIQ Centralized Management and BIGIQ Data Collection Device), to have a logging node, should we choose the BIGIQ DCD?


Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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  • It sounds like a licensing issue, combined with the fact that it can be challenging to undo the personality type of the BIG-IQ after it has been applied to a device. The DCD stores your data, but is controlled and managed by BIG-IQ CM. If you have a CM device already, try this on the second device:


    clear-rest-storage -l -d


    This process will permanently remove any previous configuration. It does not remove the management address details nor the license.


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    You can license and build a DCD in two ways: •Use a BIG-IQ CM license and choose the DCD license option contained within this when installing the system •Use a DCD only license (still called a Logging Node License). This option only allows a DCD to be built. The “provisioning” of BIG-IQ, or setting its “personality”, is done during the initial configuration of the BIG-IQ system. For the first license/build option, the administrator is presented with two options: •BIG-IQ Central Management •BIG-IQ Data Collection Device


    Did you reach the step where you choose the second option?