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Oct 19, 2015

Log file control in Bigip /var/log/ts

I have a system running 11.5.1 with modules LTM, GTM, AFM, APM and ASM provisioned. The issue I am seeing is that the /var/log system is filling up to capacity.


While looking at the issue I found that there are large log files in /var/log/ts that are taking up most of the space and from what I can tell, are not being managed by the log rotation process like the logs in /var/log are.


So my questions is, what is generating the log found in /var/log/ts and where can I configure them to be rolled like the other log files?


A sampling of the log in this directory are:


bd_agent.log bd.log checksums.log dcc.log prepare_files.log sendcmd.log ts_configsync.log ts_debug.log psbnagd.log


Any help on locating where to configure the management of these files would be great.


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  • As mentioned in the original post. These files are apparently not being managed by the log rotation service. There are no backup files, just the ones I listed that are 30-45Mb each. I am trying to identify what service on the BigIP is generating some or all of the files, and how I can either turn down the logging level, or add it to the list of log files being rotated.