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Feb 04, 2020

limit IP access to certain URIs



I am looking for help creating an IRULE for the following conditions:


  1. Allow access to two URIs within the policy to a specific group of IPs.
  2. Disallow access to these URIs to all other IPs.


I tried creating a traffic policy for this but was unsuccessful.





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  • first of all you have to check uri using data group, I thnk you would rather using if and then check source ip using if



    • if { [check url]

    if{ [check source] }

  • Well, a Local Traffic Policy is the most appropriate (and easiest) way to achieve this.


    You need a first-match policy that has three rules


    the top rule checks for both the allowed IP addresses and the restricted URIs, and forwards the traffic to the pool

    the next rule (above the final default rule) checks for the restricted URIs, and redirects the request back to an allowed URI or a suitable "access denied" page

    the final rule is a default rule that passes all traffic requests to the pool



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      Thanks - I kept getting tangled with ASM in my traffic rule. I will set this one up.



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        OK - you will want to enable the ASM policy on the default and the top rule that pass traffic to the pool members. The rule that redirects non-valid users from the restricted URIs does not need ASM inspection.