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Mar 08, 2012

iRule to Limit Connections from Source IP to Destination IP




Novice to iRules brings himself before you.



I've been given a requirement to Limit the number of Connections from a number of Source Hosts to a Destination.



This is where I've gotten to:-



bigpipe class 'conn_limit_Pi {


host <> {"<>"}




bigpipe rule '_Pi_throttle_tcp_connections {




set limit [class match [IP:client_addr] equals conn_limit_Pi]


set tbl "connlimit:[IP:client_addr]"


set key "[IP::client_addr][TCP::client_port]"


if { [table keys -subtable $tbl -count] >= $limit } {




} else {


table set -subtable $tbl $key "ignored" <>








table delete -subtable $tbl $key





Unfortunately I am unable to find how to target the Destination. Would another "Class" Statement do the Trick? And if so, how would I introduce this into the iRule to Target the Destination if ir Orginates from the Specific Source.



Thanks in Advance.





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  • Would this only max connections for traffic hitting the URI or all Connections hitting the Virtual Server?based on the irule, i understand it is for traffic hitting the URI.



    by the way, i think static::active_connections_pi is not static global variable since you increase it in HTTP_REQUEST event.
  • The iRule I posted last stopped all Traffic to the Virtual. So I went back to the Drawing Board:-

    when RULE_INIT { 
     Set a global max for number of concurrent TCP connections 
    set ::max_connections 25 
     Print debug messages to /var/log/ltm? 1=yes, 0=no 
    set ::debug 1 
     Initialize a counter for active connections (don't modify this) 
    set ::active_connections 0 
    Log local identifying start
    log local0. "rule session_limit initialized: total/max: $::total_active_clients/$::max_active_clients" 
    when HTTP_REQUEST { 
     if the HTTP Request contains the specified URI String
    if { [HTTP::uri] contains "URI" } {
     if we are over the limit for the connection, redirect 
    if { not [HTTP::cookie exists "inpicheckout"] and $::active_connections > $::max_connections} {
    HTTP::redirect "" 
     Close the connection 
     Log a message to /var/log/ltm 
    if {$::debug}{log local0. "Over limit (current/max: $::active_connections/$::max_connections). Closing to [IP::client_addr]"} 
     Increment the TCP connection count. 
    incr ::active_connections 1 
    when CLIENT_CLOSED {
     A connection was closed, so decrement the global counter 
    incr ::active_connections -1
     if the Active Connections are less than 0 then reset to 0
    if { $::active_connections <= 0 } { set ::active_connections 0 } 
     Log a message to /var/log/ltm 
    if {$::debug}{log local0. "Connection closing to [IP::client_addr]"

    Any thoughts :S
  • The iRule I posted last stopped all Traffic to the Virtual.was user redirected to or did connection get reset?



    by the way, your irule is not cmp friendly since you are using global variable. the following is an example which is cmp compatible.



    iRule::ology - Table Based Rate Limiting by Colin