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Feb 26, 2013

Interface to be used to configure Management Ip?




I am trying to spin a VM for BigIp LB and looking for the Interface to configure Mgmt IP and Netmask details?





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  • Hi, if you can access cli try to using command config fo rconfiguration ip management l.


  • Can i set all interfaces as management -interface , so that i can access UI from any available network ? if so please share how to configure it
  • Are you looking for Management::Device::set_management_address?
  • Apologies Vishal, I didn't spot you'd posted this in the iControl forum! Unfortunately I've no clue where iControl is concerned. Hopefully someone else can help you out here.



    Speaking generally, as iControl is exposed through the management interface this sounds like a risky operation and presumably, if you make the change successfully iControl will stop working as the IP has changed!
  • Hi Steve,



    Thanks for your email. Is there any way to push these configurations using iControl api? I see in the GUI a page Platform which allows us to update this configuration.



    do we have an interface in iControl.System.Platform?
  • You can use these at the VMWare console to configure the management interface (eth0 in the CLI);


    •[tmsh] list sys management-ip


    •[tmsh] create sys management-ip address/netmask


    •[tmsh] modify sys global-settings mgmt-dhcp enabled | disabled



    If you were referring to the actual VMWare interface its normally the first one listed.