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Jul 08, 2013

Inconsistent results from ManagementDevice.get_list



Given the hostname or IP address of a single LTM running version 11.2, I'm needing to enumerate the management addresses of that LTM and any other LTMs which are peers for failover and ConfigSync. I started with iControlAssembly 11.2 and the following C code fragment which worked properly the first time I ran it but not when executed again. The get_list method is returning an empty array on those subsequent executions. After waiting 24 hours and trying it again, I got the same result--it worked only the first time it was run.


static void Main(string[] args)




Interfaces ifaces = new Interfaces();



if (!ifaces.initialize("", 443, "admin", "password"))




throw ifaces.LastException;





string[] devices = ifaces.ManagementDevice.get_list();


string[] addresses = ifaces.ManagementDevice.get_management_address(devices);



foreach (string addr in addresses)











Testing of other function calls with LocalLBVirtualServer are all working every time it executes.



Any ideas? Thanks in advance!





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  • I believe I found the problem. The "other function calls" I alluded to include changing partitions and apparently the partition is significant for the ManagementDevice functions even though the devices themselves don't appear as though they can be partitioned. Adding ifaces.ManagementPartition.set_active_partition("Common") before the get_list got it working with every execution.