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Mar 07, 2011

iControl add RouteDomain

Hi, everyone.



I have a question for you.




My BIG-IP Version: BIG-IP 10.0.1 Build 354.0 Hotfix HF2




I want to add RouteDomain with iControl


I use this python code.




url = 'https://admin:%s@bigip/iControl/iControlPortal.cgi' %( Pwd )




def routedomain_add(url):


db_proxy = SOAPpy.SOAPProxy(url, "urn:iControl:Networking/RouteDomain")


result = db_proxy.create(route_domains=["222"],




print "Route Domains Finish"




This code result:


SOAPpy.Types.faultType: Fault SOAP-ENV:Client: Unknown method "{urn:iControl:Networking/RouteDomain}:create"






But, BIG-IP 10.1.0 Build 3341.1084 Final version.


My RouteDomain add code great working!




Why do not work my code on v10.0.1?




Thank you.