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Mar 20, 2023

How to redirect untagged vlan with virtual wire

Hi everyone,

I got a request from my customer to redirect the packet with the default pool on the virtual wire environment.

Do you have any idea to solve this case?

Here is the case:


Network deployment is changed to tagged vlan configuration.

Currently, LTM is using virtual wire to handle tagged vlan and one of the virtual server should send the traffic to the proxy system with default pool setup.

Problem is, even if I set the default pool on virtual server, traffics keep flown to the server.
(NAT/SNAT have to be disabled. but even if I enable the NAT, the destination MAC is still a real server mac)

I think the virtual wire with tagged setup cannot "untag" or redirect the packets.

Do you have any idea to redirect the packets to untagged VLAN with virtual wire setting?

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  • Hey simon_kwon - apologies, I wrote you a reply, and then never hit reply! 

    I see nobody has been able answer your question yet, so I'm trying to find someone who can help. Hopefully someone from the community will drop some knowledge soon!