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Nov 03, 2011

How to rate shaping per user or ip address?

My understanding LTM rate shaping is acumulative, applies to all ip addresses access to a VIP in total. Is there any way we can control the limit of each client ip address can consume but not limit the total of the VIP's bandwidth?










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  • Sorry, there's no real detail on the wiki about the rateclass command so I'm not able to progress this I'm afraid. Hopefully one of the F5 guys (yes you Hoolio) will be on later and can provide some further detail.
  • my experience is the same, the rateclass apply's to all clients (as an aggregate) that share the same rate class. For our system as a workaround we use icontrol and create and delete a rateclass per client, admittedly not the most efficient means but works for us.
  • Hi Lucia,


    The true that I am not really familiar with icontrol, does the icontrol can configure the rateclass on real time dynamically?


    If yes, can you please share how can I implement it?



    Many thanks! :)
  • Hi Guys,


    I know this one is a bit old so apologies if there are other posts regarding this but has anyone else come across this requirement before and got a working solution?






  • Example irule:


    {when CLIENT_ACCEPTED { set addr [IP::client_addr]; if { ($addr equals "") } { rateclass KillTheBOT }}}


    Example rateclass:


    rate class KillTheBOT { rate 9600bps ceiling 9600bps burst 10240 drop policy tail type sfq }