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Jul 10, 2012

how to migrate Firepass WebDAV functionality to APM?

Hi there,



I am in the process of migrating a pair of production Firepass to APM. there are some existing WebDAV customization that i am not sure how to migrate to (or if migration not possible, how to recreate the same functionality on) APM. specifically, the functionality currently being provided by WebDAV include:




1. user has a "forgot password" link.


2. on the login page, there is a message box where network admin can broadcast a message of the day


3. google analytics integration




just wonder if anyone out there has experience in this?




thanks in advance....


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  • Hi Michael,



    The APM module is pretty powerful on the customization that it allows you to do. You should be able to include all of the custom things you want using the advanced editor. You access it by clicking on "Access Policy" > "Customization" > "Advanced". Then change "Edit Mode" to "Advanced".



    If you look for your Access Profile and then drill down into Common you should see a file... here you can include the google analytics information.



    For the login page you will need to find the "" which should be under "Access Policy" then "Logon Pages" then "Logon Page" but this will be different if you have your logon page in a Macro. You can then edit the file to include a "forgot password" link and also I would probably do an iframe for the "broadcast message" to a server where you can just host that one page out and update it easier than coming into the APM module.



    You will need to know HTML and possibly php (depending on what you are customzing) to make changes and some of this stuff you will just have to piece together. I will warn you... if you find the file on the actual file system... don't edit them because it will be overwritten with what is in the advanced editor.



    I hope this helps and if you have anymore questions please let me know.