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Feb 08, 2011

How to copy a file remotly ?

Good day,



Every week, I have to log on a "FirePass" web page, that allows me to be connected with Terminal Server to a remote server and copy / paste a file (source: remote server, destination: local machine).


It's always the same filename.






I was wondering if I could use something like "WinCP" or a "scp" program to make my copy by a simple command line (and have something more automated).






My problem is that I don't know :


- the external IP of the remote server (once logged on, the "ipconfig" only gives me the local IP) --> is there a way to know the external IP ?


- if I can log in with a SSH command (or something like this)






Thank you for your answers...










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  • Hi Nicolas,



    I'm not a Firepass guru, but I've heard talk of a command line method for establishing an SSL VPN connection. I'm not sure how easily you'd be able to script a copy job through terminal services, but maybe you could use robocopy from the command line.



    What client OS/scripting language(s) can you use?



    If you don't get any more detailed suggestions here, you might try contacting your local F5 or partner SE to see if they can provide more info.



  • Good day,



    My local computer is a Windows XP like (XP, Vista, 7) and the remote server is a Windows Server 2003.




    A command lined VPN would be great !




    How can I know the IP to use ?






  • Yes there is a command line interface. The administrator will have to disable the pre-logon sequence which I doubt they would. If you're still interested, just post back.
  • "back"








    Yes, I'm interested to know how to do, even if the administrator wont disable the pre-logon sequence.