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Apr 12, 2011

History and monitorization




We are using 2 F5`s :




BIG-IP 9.4.6 Build 401.0 Final


BIG-IP 9.4.8 Build 355.0 Final




What I am trying to achive is to see how many coneccions (total as well as concurrent) we had from the ip`s. Sometimes the same ip is sending so much coneccions that puts a lot of load on DB and in order to find it we have to refer to statics of Oracle instead of F5.




Is there any way to achive this on F5?








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  • Hi,



    In v11, you'll be able to use the Application Visibility Reporting module to collect these types of stats. See for details.



    In v9, you could use an iRule to log the details you're looking to collect. If you're doing this for all connections I suggest using remote logging:



    iRules Update: New options for the "log" command (9.4.0)