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May 30, 2022

F5 Tech Refresh

Hello Experts

I would like to do tech refresh for the exisitng f5 boxes which are 7000 series , they are been highly utilized and needs to be replaced as per the inputs from the customer, i would like to know how i shld  do assessment of the exiting boxes ?? what commands  i shld run to see the current utliztion of cpu, interfaces, memmory, etc... either by GUI or by cli. also would like to have advice what else need to check for the box replacement.


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  • Hi Adam, 

    A good point to start would be to take a qkview file of the system and upload it to iHealth ( That will give you most information that you're looking for in one overview. (

    In the GUI, you can also find most of the information you are looking for via the Statistics section (Statistics ›› Performance Reports). 

    When it comes to hardware refresh, you're best off talking to an F5 presales engineer though as they'll have a good idea of what to exactly look out for as well as proposing new systems to replace them with. 

    Hope this helps. 


    • Plus, if your looking at a hardware refresh the r series will be possible more interesting to you.
      It's got new hardware and OS so it could do with a quick once over by a SE just to make sure you get a matching product.

  • Dears

    Thanks for the reply, i went through the qview file and i got the statistics,  i would like to know the i series are older than r series ?? and now a days f5 is proposing r series  and in future they will stop i series.

    apart from these i would like to understand the sizing for AWAF, for LTM i can know by the existing Transaction Per Second hist for the application by the server and i can size the LTM but for AWAF how we size it, becz once i heared from F5 SE that we should not size by LTM but by AWAF becz it takes more consuming power than LTM so that is the reason i am asking to you;ll expert.