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Feb 27, 2017

Email Alert when DDoS Starts / Ends



I have a DDoS profile setup which I have confirmed is working and logging in the DoS Event Logs. How can I setup an email notification for events such as 'Attack Started' and 'Attack Ended'?


I am using BIP Ver 12.1.1. I have looked at SNMP traps however it seems that since 11.6 that is no longer an option.


Thank you


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  • I am now logging ASM events and DoS events to Syslog however I am unable to see any DoS Attack alerts in Syslog after setting off the DoS policy. I can see all the changes I make to the DoS policy in Syslog.


    In there a specific event that I am missing here? The attack IDs noted in the DoS events do not appear there. I can confirm that there is a DoS Log profile on the Virtual Server Object also.