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Dec 20, 2011

Disable web scraping detection per geolocation?




I was wondering if it's possible to disable web scraping detection based on geolocation? We have web scrapers trying to get to our site from all over the world, however they mostly appear to be overseas from where we are based. The majority of users within our own country appear to be legit, however with web scraping just turned "on" we get quite a few false positives from genuine users within the country.




Therefore we were wondering if it is possible to disable just the web scraping portion of ASM for users who are geolocated for a particular country? We would still want ASM on to detect other potential attack signatures however so it's not as easy as just saying "disable ASM" for that geolocation.






How could we go about this? I imagine it might be an irule, but i can only find enable/disable ASM in its entirity and not particular portions of it. Would it be solvable with separate classes , with one policy containing just web scraping enabled? If so, how could we do this?




Thanks in advance




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  • Excellent, thanks guys for your help - I'll look into the suggestions here and respond back with enhancement info and if i get this working :)



    Thanks again for your help!


  • Hi guys,



    just to let you know this is being tracked internally as ID 375308 and that in theory it should be out in the next major release of ASM.