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Jan 15, 2019

Determine the Service Port and Type in F5 for a Virtual Server Configured in Kemp

Hello All,


Below is the configuration from Kemp Load Balancer 7.1. I need to reconfigure this Virtual Server from Kemp to F5 ( Version 11.X ).


What is the "Service Port" and "Type" I should Configure for below Virtual Server In F5 ? Just to note that in this VIP's Settings from Kemp I see Service Type is mentioned as "Generic".


If I plan to configure this Virtual Server through iApp which iApp I should select ?


What is the explanation of "Layer Certificate Installed" saying as L4 ? What is the equivalent settings in F5 ?


Virtual IP Protocol Name Layer Certificate Installed Status Real Servers TCP SH1 Port 5050 L4 UP


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  • Because of differences in technologies and how both KEMP and F% implements certain features differently even if they are trying to achieve the same purpose, I think the best way to approach this case is to state exactly what YOU are trying to achieve rather than trying to directly copy or transfer a settings from KEMP ( or any other vendor for that matter ) to F5.


    To profer appropriate solution to you, it would be better to clearly define what you want to achieve without reference to KEMP, then the right solution could be provided. That being said,


    A regular ( or default ) "Type" of virtual server in F5 would be STANDARD and the Service Port, according to your parameters would be 5050. That is about how far I can attempt your issue. One thing to note though, is that F5 has a lot more features and settings to be configured compared to KEMP. So, unless you're conversant with both of them very well,it would be difficult to say on the surface that this is the direct equivalent to that. Cheers!