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Dec 12, 2011

Design Help

We have a new virtual web environment and would like to use one external IP for all the sites hosted by the new environment. I will be natting one of our external ip addresses to which would be the main VIP. I was thinking about putting an Irule like the one below on this VIP. Is this the best way to accomplish what i am trying to do or is there a better way?






switch [string tolower [HTTP::]] {


"" { virtual test_vip }


"" { virtual hellow_vip}


default { virtual default_vip}










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  • if all virtuals use same setting e.g. profile and its parameter, i think using pool instead of virtual command may be better.



    just my 2 cents.
  • I agree with Nitass, it's probably simpler to use pools not separate virtual servers for this.



  • The reason I was thinking of using virtual is because some of these sites will have SSL Certs that may be different. Would that change this design?
  • The client SSL profile will have already been used by the time you parse the HTTP headers and the HTTP_REQUEST event is triggered. So I assume you mean different server SSL certs/keys. For server SSL, you could select the profile from the iRule using SSL::profile < profile name >:





  • I'd use an iRule only as using an HTTP class won't allow you to select a server SSL profile.