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Aug 26, 2011

Can't edit excel files in browser (SharePoint 2010)

We have a medium SharePoint 2010 farm configuration, 2 web front-ends, 2 application servers, and a SQL cluster back-end. Office Web Apps are also installed in the farm. We are in processing of testing site collections through our F5 Big-IP LTM.



One issue we are still having is that when traffic is going through the F5, after you open an excel file successfully in the browser, and then attempt to edit in browser by clicking the edit in browser button it generates "An error occurred, please try again." This also triggers a warning on the corresponding web front-end application event log from source "Excel Services Application" event id 2026, task category "Excel Calculation Services" the error is simply "An internal error occurred".




If you bypass the F5, the excel will open in the edit mode with generating any errors in the browser or windows event log.




We are using the F5 for SSL offloading as well.




Anyone seen this before or have any ideas for troubleshooting?


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    hi Shon,


    I've been trying to reproduce this but haven't been able to. I assume that you've added https:// to your trusted locations for Excel Services and started the services on all the farm servers. Is it possible to look at a packet capture on the front end server while this is happening?




  • Not sure if this has been fixed for you, we ran into almost the same issue but with word for Office Web App. We found a few things you can do. First, disable dynamic zip compression on the Sharepoint servers servicing Office Web App (assuming this is probably your WFEs, and maybe even your app servers). Follow the article here:






    Then if that still does not work, disable HTTP compression on F5 under the Virtual Servers for the Sharepoint site