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Jul 25, 2011

Can SSL VPN client handle multiple simultaneous sessions?

From a single Windows machine, we have a need to have the F5 SSL VPN client connect both to multiple external organizations at once, and also to connect to single organizations by multiple tunnels, with separate credentials.



If there's a way to do either of these, it's not obvious to us. It seems like only one SSL VPN client instance can run per machine, and that instance can only handle a single tunnel, with a single set of credentials, to a single remote location. It's testament to F5's market penetration that we find ourselves needing to do more than that. Is there a way?







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    To clarify a bit:


    Firepass / APM have multiple modes of access.


    1- SSL VPN


    2- Application Tunnels (both Java and Active X)


    3- Portal Access


    4- LTM+APM


    5- Terminal Servers



    It is not possible to have two simultaneous SSL VPN connections open at once, either to the same organization or two different organizations. However you may have one SSL VPN tunnel open to Company A and an Application Tunnel open to Company B simultaneously (using different credentials if you like). Application Tunnels can satisfy most limited-port applications, for example an RDP or MS-SQL connection. If you can clarify your use case more fully, perhaps we can help with a strategy.


  • Are there any updates on this problem? We just encountered this same problem and wonder if anyone has worked around it. For instance, is there a server version of the F5 client that would solve this?
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      You can get around this. But, you have to think about it differently. You can do this by setting up LAN to LAN (Network Access) VPN tunnels to the external organizations. Then your user can use a single VPN client to connect to your network. Then you route the user to whatever organization they need to connect to.  

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    Hi Whit,



    Thanks for your question.



    You have an interesting business problem to solve--unfortunately, our SSL VPN solution may not be able to suit your needs completely.



    You are correct in your findings where one instance per machine is concerned. Our SSL VPN solution allows one session, but within that session allows multiple application tunnels. The rub there is that the tunnels require the same credentials across the board.



    I'm sorry that's not a more satisfactory answer.



    If you have further questions, please contact your local F5 sales representative.