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Apr 25, 2024

BigIP Next - Health Monitors / Template

Just getting feet wet on BigIP Next. 

Q: Where are the heath monitor (node/pool) created and reconfiguration.  Do they support versioning?

Q: In the Classic LTM, there was a iAPP for VMWARE Horizon.  I know iApps are not supported.  Appear the template have replace them.  I found a default list of template, but that appeared a little light in vendor application.  Are there more template like the VMWARE published somewhere else.  

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  • This platform allows you to monitor application service health, configuration, and performance. It provides tools for quick information regarding the overall health of your application service and lets you drill down to pinpoint the pool members affected. As for versioning support, while the specific details about versioning capabilities for health monitors in BigIP Next are not provided in the search results, it’s common for such systems to have some form of version control for configuration changes.