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Feb 19, 2015

big3d err with different versions of bigip

Hey guys,


Have a bunch of gtms that run sites as stand alones. 2 at each. At one site I have 11.5.1 hf7 the other site 11.4.1 hf3.


I havent had to build out any wideips since we upgraded the one site. I had to build one out the other day and noticed that I was only able to add the vips to the gtm pool at the one site that has the 11.5.1 hf7 version on it. And noticed that it did propagate the changes to the other site gtms.


I am also getting inconsistent ping and lookups on the application also. I am also getting "no reply big3d timed out on the vip when I hover over it". This vip is on the ltm at the other site which is the same site that has the 11.4.1 hf3 gtm.


Could the cause of this be that I am running different versions at the two sites thus the reason for it not propagating to all sites ?