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Oct 10, 2016

BIG-IQ v. 5.0- how to view traffic statistics from installed BIG-IP devices



I have successfully added 4 BIG-IP devices to BIG-IQ from Device Management > BIG-IP DEVICES > Add Device (after installing the required framework using ""). Next, I imported the Local Traffic module (LTM) for each BIG-IP from Device Management > Services. Virtual Servers, Pools, etc. for each BIG-IP are being displayed properly in the ADC.


My question is- how do I view traffic statistics for virtual servers on each BIG-IP? Specifically, I'm looking for information from the following section of a BIG-IP device: Statistics ›› Module Statistics : Local Traffic ›› Virtual Servers : "virtual_server_name" (this is where the "Traffic Details" in "Bits", "Packets", and "Connections" are displayed).


-Thank you


  • Traffic stats are a key part of our 5.2 release, expected Q12017 (Calendar year).


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