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Sep 24, 2018

BIG-IQ: User Access Control only to Monitoring

Hi all,


A customer here want to create a RBAC config so that users in a group only have the monitoring right for their objects.


I tried to setup the following:


  • User „user_monitoring“ created.
  • User Group „GRP_MONITORING“ created -> Added User „user_monitoring“, Roles „MONITORING APM Viewer“, „MONITORING LTM Viewer“
  • Custom Resource Group „MONITORING“ -> Added all virtual-server and child objects who we want to see the monitoring and statistics.
  • Custom Service Role „MONITORING APM Viewer“ -> Added Resource Group “MONITORING”, “GRP_MONITORING”
  • Custom Service Role „MONITORING LTM Viewer“ -> Added Resource Group “MONITORING”, “GRP_MONITORING”

I cannot find any resource or object for monitoring/statistics only.


How should the customer proceed to create a monitoring only group?


Thanks for help...




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