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Mar 30, 2012


I have installed EXSI and big-ip VE GTM/LTM onto a server.


The initial install did not allocate enough disk space, as Im unable to install any hotfixes (Error messages reporting disk space issues).


I extended the Disk space via Vsphere and BIG-IP GTL/LTM and the VE instance has recognised the total increase of disk capacity, but is has not recognised or updated what it has as spare disk capacity(Stays the same).


Is there a way to force it to increase what it sees as spare disk space. Or will I have to re-install VE again?


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  • Reinstalling is the only supported method for using the additional space. Memory changes on the other hand are handled at the next reboot.




    I encountered the same problem when I applied HF5. I have two VE's built the same way and both hard drives are thin provisioned. I was able to apply HF5 on one server, and then the second one had the same issue where the configuration wouldn't load. The following was in the logs:


    May 6 05:57:11 localhost err mprov:14861:: 'Disk limit exceeded. 16188 MB are required to provision these modules, but only 3900 MB are available.'


    I am guessing because it was thin provisioned it can't recognize all the space, but I am concerned that it happened on one of them and not the other. Is thick provisioning the disk the answer here to provide consistent results?