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Apr 13, 2017

APM session variables in Advanced Customisation PHP files



Do you know, is it somehow possible to work with APM session variables in APM Advanced Customisation's PHP files and vice versa?


Let's say:


  • There are 3 different virtual servers - each VS uses different VIP with different URL (


  • There is just 1 single APM policy used by all 3 VS


Now I would like to customise the logon page for each customer via Advanced Customisation (the basic customisation within VPE policy is not enough in this case).


Let's say I am updating the file in Advanced Customisation and would like to do some simple if/else statement based on URL (if URL contains customer1 do this, if URL contains customer2 do that, etc.).


What set of variables is available for Advanced Customisation files? Is the URL also stored in some of the $GLOBALS[] variables? Can I get the content of Session Variables inside


Thanks for any tips/tricks :-)


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