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Mar 02, 2017

APM Login form and iFrames

I have an application that users log into outside of F5. Then within that application when users try to pull up documents there is a Javascript that runs and populates data from another app within an iFrame. Currently, if the user has an active APM session the content populates in the iFrame just fine. However, if the user doesn't have an active session, I get an error message that says the content cannot be displayed in a frame. If I click the link on the error page, which launch a java makenewwindow() script, I get the F5 login page. How can I deal with that so the user doesn't see an error?


Is it possible to render a custom login prompt within the iFrame? Is there a way to automatically launch the F5 login page in a new tab and the redirect back to the page with the iFrame? This application current works through another authentication vendor by prompting with a pop-up box. Can APM just launch a pop-up box for the login information instead of going to the my.policy login page?


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  • Not anything satisfying. I can breakout of the iFrame to the F5 login prompt, but that defeats the purpose of the iFrame. F5 doesn't do a pop-up prompt like Microsoft, so that's not helpful. The ultimate solution was that application administrator redirected the user to a normal page behind the F5, then the F5 served up the regular login page, and afterwards the application administrator would redirect the user back to the original page with iFrame. Since the user already had a cached session the iFrame loaded no problem. Not the ideal solution, but it served it's purpose.