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Nov 26, 2013

APM Client side checks too slow?



I am implementing client side checking using APM (im running 11.3 HF6) and when testing with IE7 or Chrome 31 it takes at least 90 seconds to run. The checks I am running are "Windows Info" (looking for XP SP3 or Vista currently) and Windows Process Check. I gave up on the Anti Virus check as this took an additional 90 seconds or so to run so have instead used the Process Check to check the anti virus we have rolled out is running (I know thats not an amazing idea and would rather use the Anti Virus check). I do not believe the checks I am doing are slowing things down though as 90% of the time is spent in a "Checking Client" state. After that only a few seconds are spent on "Collecting Windows Information" then my APM logon page is presented. I have installed "F5 networks plugin host" for Chrome and Active X is allowed to run on IE. running wireshark on the test machine reveals that no network traffic is present during this long 90 second pause so I know its not trying to download anything. I am running Windows XP SP3 and McAfee Enterprise on my test laptop but also tried at home last night with IE8 and Chrome 31 on a Vista laptop with Antivir and zonealarm firewall running with the same result (and I had the process check turned off at the time too so it was just checking to see that I was running Vista).


I guess I would just like to know if this delay is expected or not. We are migrating away from a Citrix solution for remote access and Citrix EPA runs the same checks in about 3 seconds so we would really like the same performance!


I tried downloading and installing the edge client from the connectivity profile page ensuring "Endpoint Security for Windows" was ticked but I do not see this launching during the checks (even after a reboot).


Thank you in advance to anyone who can assist with this please. It would be very much appreciated! Apologies if I have missed something obvious I have a very tight schedule to get APM up and running and am very much learning as I go!


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  • After further testing of 11.4.1 it looks like the checks now run very quickly EXCEPT on Windows XP running IE7.


  • Hi,


    It is not a normal behavior. You see the same behavior into 2 different environments, that's means issue is in the client check plugin.


    When plugin is installed, this should be fast. It is possible that the first check be long.


    Which BIGIP version is installed on APM ?