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Oct 20, 2023

Anyone running virtual BIG-IP Next?

Looking to try running it under Proxmox. Particularly from those F5 people who would know... Leslie_Hubertus  Let me know of any deal breakers in that regard. Since the CM provisions devices it may not like Proxmox and I may be better off staying with VMware ESXi 7.5?

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  • proxmox is just a KVM wrapper so I'm not sure why that wouldn't work, I have the next instance running in my ubuntu 22.04 LTS KVM environment. Quick note though that is not in the public docs have to use the i440FX chipset when setting up your VM, the Q35 chipset won't work.

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    i was able to install BigIP-Next CM on proxmox which also runs. BigIP Next Instances i could not setup yet (created locally on a seperate VM), because i cant login via admin/admin the first time.
    You need 16GB of RAM for the BigIP-Next CM VM otherwise the setup will fail.

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      Hi sraue intriguing...I haven't tried CM on proxmox because KVM isn't yet officially supported for CM, but I'm glad you got it working! Might try the same...