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May 10, 2024

Access azure app service using f5 LTM

Hi Everyone,

As per the customer requirement , we are conducting a poc to integrate Azure App Services into F5 LTM. The main objective is to access URLs using F5 as the backend for the web app.

flow: with app gateway

User>Internet>dns> Azure LB>Azure web app(backend) >webpage 

In the current scenario, we have an Azure App Gateway configured with Azure Web App as the backend. In the Azure DNS zone, we've created an A record with the public IP of the app gateway and a CNAME record for "," pointing towards the A record's alias name. and it is working fine.

flow: with f5 

user>internet>dns>Azure external LB>F5 (backend)> pools >node "fqdn "" xx.xx.xx.xx

And we want to achieve the same using F5 LTM. Here, we have an Azure Load Balancer with F5 configured as the backend pool. In F5, we created the pools. In the DNS zone, we created an A record with the public IP of the Azure Load Balancer and a CNAME, for example, ',' pointing towards the A record's alias name. We created a pool and node with the FQDN. However, when accessing, we're encountering a 404 error. If someone has done this before or has any suggestions, they would be highly helpful for me.

here azure lb is working as a frontend and f5 as backend 




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  • Hi thank you for your response .

    I have attached the diagram for your reference. It may be confusing. Our requirement is to access Azure App Service using F5. F5 is not directly facing the internet; it works as a backend pool of the Azure Load Balancer. The pool I created in F5 using "abc.com_pool_app1," and the node I added is "" with FQDN, resolving to the IP of AZ-LB.
    In f5 and az lb 443 as frontend and 6558 as backend port we are using .

  • can you share your scenario , what IP address you are using by changing original IP and DNS names with the dummy data so that we can understand your concern more clearly.


    What VIP you are using on f5, what are the pool and pool members, is F5 front end VIP is a pool member for Azure Load balancer

    Any rough diagram with the IP address scheme (dummy IP so that your real IP will not expose here)