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Dec 13, 2022

Attention: BIG-IP TMOS code version 13.1.x reaches end of software development on December 31st!

Just a quick public service announcement from your friendly DevCentral SLED engineers!  Many of you are still running on TMOS 13.x code versions.  It's important that you create a plan to upgrade to a long term release because v13.x goes end of software development this December 31st.  It will go end of technical support next December of 2024 but if you've been around BIG-IP and F5 long enough we all know the EoSD date is the one to keep in mind.  Here is a link to our Support article:

If you'd like additional information please tune into DevCentral's YouTube channel and listen to Buu and Aubrey discuss what this means for you!

Thank you!

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