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Jun 02, 2023

What else turns 20 this year?

We share a 20th anniversary with some notable, fun, and cool things, and I'll be making regular posts this month about them. 

Here's today's: DevCentral was launched the same year as MySpace. 


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  • This is your lead-in folks - to share your still operating MySpace page. (kidding...our system would probably auto-spam such a link. πŸ˜±
    My oldest is 20 for most of this year so - I guess that applies to this marker in time.

  • The first cloned deer and horse were born 20 years ago, on May 23 and May 28th, respectively.

  • 20 years ago (on August 27, 2003), Mars made its closest approach to our planet in over 60,000 years. 

  • The Human Genome Project accounced completion of their project, which sequenced over 92% of the human genome (the best technology could do at the time).