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Jun 09, 2023

How an F5er uses DevCentral

I recently interviewed F5's own Sudhir_Patamsetti about his experiences for #DevCentral20 and thought I'd share his words here. 

Me: How has DevCentral helped you over the years, or allowed you to help others?

Sudhir: DevCentral has been instrumental in my professional growth by providing me with a wealth of technical resources, tutorials, and code samples that have helped me overcome challenges and enhance my understanding of F5 products. It has also enabled me to contribute back to the community by sharing my knowledge and experiences through forum discussions.


Me: Why is DevCentral valuable to you?

Sudhir: DevCentral is valuable to me because it serves as a central hub where I can connect with a vibrant community of F5 users, experts, and enthusiasts. The platform allows me to collaborate, learn from others, and stay updated with the latest trends and best practices in the application delivery and security space.


Me: What is your favorite DC memory?

Sudhir: I have found watching videos on F5 DevCentral's YouTube channel to be a valuable learning experience. The channel offers a wide range of videos covering topics such as security and networking, providing accessible and informative content to enhance my understanding of F5 products and related concepts.

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